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Bulk student transcript signing service now available

Gaining a degree from an Australian or New Zealand university or tertiary college is highly regarded and valued by students who invest fees, time and effort to obtain their academic qualification; and for employers and other relying parties that employ university and college graduates on the basis of these qualifications.

Unfortunately, there are individuals that falsely claim they have qualifications from Australian or New Zealand universities and colleges and use a variety of methods to deceive relying parties.  One method is to print fake copies of a student testamur or transcript.  This fraud may have adverse consequences for relying parties who employ someone that is not appropriately qualified, such as a doctor or engineer; but such fraud can also erode and undermine trust in legitimate qualifications and make it difficult for employers and relying parties to verify the authenticity of copies of testamurs or transcripts that are submitted to them.

Using QuoVadis as a cloud service provider, AusCERT will soon launch a bulk digital certificate signing service, which can be used for a variety of purposes but is ideally suited to digitally signing student testamurs and transcripts in PDF.

For more details of how it will work, please see the presentation on this.  You will notice that this PDF is digitally signed with a QuoVadis Advanced Plus digital certificate, which is in the Adobe Approved Trust List.  This provides an example of what the digital signature could look like as part of the QuoVadis Signing and Verification Services (SVS).

Update: This service is now available. The application form, with pricing, is available as a variation on your account. Pricing for the SVS service is also available online here.