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Change SSL certificate formats

QV tool to convert certificate formats

Use the QV tool to convert certificate formats from PEM, DER and PKCS#7/P7B to DER or PKCS#7/P7B.

SSL converter

The SSL Converter provides guidance on a range of certificate formats and includes tools and OpenSSL commandline instructions for changing certificate formats after a certificate has been generated.

Changing formats from PEM to DER

CSRs generated in OpenSSL will use the PEM format by default. However, if the format does not suit your requirements the certificate format can be changed, after the certificate has been issued. See the Apache SSL FAQ.

Comodo SSL certificate formats

For further information about the various links and formats sent in your "Enrollment Successful - Your SSL certificate is ready", see the information in the Comodo Knowledgebase

Trouble viewing a .cer format?

Change the format from .cer to .p7b.  See the articles in the Comodo Knowledgebase: