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EV-SSL Certificate application process

Order an EV SSL Certificate from QuoVadis

In most cases, if you have access to the QuoVadis TrustLink system, your organisation has been pre-approved to have access to EVSSL certificates.  If [EV] appears next to your organisation's name in the TrustLink system this is confirmation that your organisation is pre-approved to apply for EVSSL certificates.

It also means that your organisation completed an EVSSL Authority Letter and identified EVSSL Certificate Requesters and Certificate Approvers that are authorised to act on behalf of your organisation.

These Certificate Requesters and Certificate Approvers are Agent Administrators in the QuoVadis TrustLink system and can request and approve the application of EV SSL certificates for selected domains for your organisation. They can do this by enrolling as a Subscriber and applying for EV SSL certificates through their TrustLink Subscriber account.

If the domain is also pre-approved for EVSSL certificates it will have [EV] next to the domain name, and means that an EV SSL certificate can be ordered through TrustLink like any other SSL certificate.  Simply select the appropriate EV SSL policy template (EV SSL 10 SAN or EV SSL 20 SAN).  For more details about the EV SSL Policy templates refer to Appendix 1 in the QV Administrator Guide or the QV Subscriber Guide.

If the domain is not yet pre-approved but the organisation is, simply request that the domain be "Request Upgrade to EV" through the TrustLink Administrator account.

If your organisation does not have [EV] next to its name in TrustLink, this means that it has not yet been pre-approved to issue EV SSL certificates.  If you would like to do so, please complete, sign and submit an EVSSL Authority Letter to AusCERT.

If you have any more questions about EV SSL Certificates, refer to the EV SSL FAQs.