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In accordance with Queensland government's information privacy standard, AusCERT has developed this statement to inform you about how we deal with privacy issues concerning the information we collect in order to provide you access to the AusCERT Certificate Service.

Visitors to the web site

When you visit the AusCERT web site or communicate with AusCERT servers or Internet infrastructure, we may record certain information in relation to your activity such as:

* your IP or proxy server IP
* basic domain information your Internet service provider is sometimes captured depending up on the configuration of your ISP connection
* the date and time of your visit to the web site
* the type and version of the browser you are using
* the operating system which your computer uses

Internet connectivity related data is used only for statistical and internal management purposes.

AusCERT adopts multiple mechanisms (through the use of technologies, policies, practices and procedures) to secure our network and the sensitive and personal information stored on it, or otherwise held in our possession.