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Comodo Certificate Service Manager (CSM)

Why can't I see my AusCERT certificate in the CSM interface?
The CSM manages certificates that were ordered from within the CSM. Certificates that were issued by AusCERT, prior to the CSM release, are managed by AusCERT. To place a certificate under CSM management, it must be reissued from within the CSM. Top
Why can't I see all of my domains in the CSM?
When your organisation is added to the CSM, only the primary domain is added. As certificates are required, the RAO adds the domain from within the management interface for approval by AusCERT. For information about the domain approval process, see Domain approval and domain control validation. Top
Can I obtain Extended Validation SSL (EVSSL) Certificates through the CSM?
You can commence the process of requesting an EV-SSL certificate through the CSM, which will generate an order number for you but you must complete the other offline steps too. Top
My CSR contained SAN entries - why are they missing from my issued certificate?
To order a multi-domain SSL certificate from the CSM, the correct certificate type (AusCERT Multi Domain SSL) must be selected from the drop-down menu. A CSR that contains subject alternative name (SAN) entries will be issued as a single-domain certificate if the certificate type AusCERT SSL Certificate is selected. Top
I want to run a certificate scan on my network from the CSM. Where will the scan originate?
The origin of the scan will be secure.comodo.net. For the scan to be successful, ACLs for the network you wish to scan must include an exception for this host. Top