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SSL certificates

How do I revoke an SSL certificate signed by the Comodo CA and the AusCERT Server CA which does not appear in the AusCERT CS Certificate Service Manager (CSM)?

AusCERT Server CA/Comodo CA SSL certificates that do not appear in the CSM were issued prior to the CSM being released to Participant Organisations probably before October 2010.

You will need to contact and we will request it be revoked by Comodo.

Please supply the certificate's common name and serial number.  The request should come from a current RAO or DRAO.

Does QuoVadis support the issuance of SHA1 SSL certificates?

QV supports SHA1 certificates in limited circumstances. These certificates are being phased out. If you experience probelms installing a SHA256 certificate and require a SHA1 certificate issued instead, please contact QuoVadis at . For further information see details of QV transition to SHA256 certificates and which products support SHA256 certificates.