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CA, Certificate Authority

CSM, Certificate Service Manager, refers to the Comodo web portal used to provide certificate management services for the AusCERT Certificate Service.

CSR, Certificate Signing Request.  It includes the subject's public key and other relevant information about the certificate request, which is used to generate a signed certificate by an issuing certificate authority (ICA).

EV-SSL certificate, Extended Validation SSL, used for servers.  Provides greater level of assurance to relying parties by changing the browser address bar green and incorporating the organisation's name in the green address bar.

SSCD, or Secure Signature Creation Device is defined by QuoVadis in its CP/CPS is a secure container specifically designed to carry and protect a digital certificate, which meets specified requirements.  For further details see page 74 of CA1 CA3 CP/CPS version 14.15.

SSL certificate, Secure Socket Layer certificate, used for servers

TrustLink, refers to the name of the QuoVadis web portal used to manage digital certificates issued for the AusCERT Certificate Service.

For more information, refer to the FAQs.