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Certificate Service Manager (CSM) support

Support is available for Participant Organisations that have signed a PO agreement with AusCERT and received their access credentials following the CSM workshop held in their local area.

The requestor must be listed as an authorised RAO or DRAO for the AusCERT CS to use this service and receive support.

This option provides administrative users (RAOs and DRAOs) guidance about how to use the AusCERT Certificate Service Manager web interface.

Choose from one of the following support options:

1. Before submitting a support request

The AusCERT CSM RAO Administrator Quick Start Guide (QSG)

Email AusCERT CS Support

The AusCERT CSM RAO Administrator Guide cs@auscert.org.au

Initiating Domain Control Validation (DCV)

The AusCERT CSM End User Guide


Monday to Friday,
9 am - 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, except public holidays


2. Certificate Service Manager (CSM) URLs

AusCERT Certificate Services
Certificate Service Manager


AusCERT Certificate Services
CSM S/MIME self-enrolment


AusCERT Certificate Services
CSM SSL self-enrolment