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QV Advanced Plus fees and Safenet tokens

QV Advanced Plus fees

Each SubLRA is entitled to one free QV Advanced Plus certificate.  Each additional QV Advanced Plus certificate is charged separately per certificate and only certificates that are valid at the end of each quarter are tallied.  

Fees are in Australian dollars.  

The fee per certificate per quarter is $47.73 + GST $4.77 = $52.50


Safenet eToken 5100

QV Advanced Plus certificates can only be issued onto a compliant Secure Signature Creation Device.  There are a variety of SSCDs available from multiple suppliers. You can source your own SSCD, but be sure to check the product's suitability and compliance with the QV CP/CPS beforehand. Alternatively, you can purchase them from AusCERT subject to stock availability. Manufacturer and model may be substituted as long as it is compliant.

Each Safenet eToken purchased includes the Safenet Authentication Client software and single user licence.  Other compliant manufacturer or model may be substituted).

You are entitled to one free Safenet eToken for the purpose of installing your trial QV Advanced Plus Certificate. Fees for additional tokens are charged separately.

Fees are subject to change and may fluctuate due to changes in the Australian and USD exchange rate. Hence the following fees are a guide only and should be confirmed before purchasing.

The price per unit is $81.82 + GST $8.18 = $90.00