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Agent Administrator

To enrol new Agent Administrators into QuoVadis TrustLink, or to change contact details or change existing Agent Administrators, please complete the TrustLink Agent Administrator Form and send it to AusCERT CS.  Please note that AusCERT will only action requests when signed by an authorising Sub-LRAO.

During the transition process to enrol all existing RAOs and DRAOs to the QuoVadis TrustLink service as part of the new Sub-LRA Agreement, it won't be necessary to fill out this form. AusCERT will work with Sub-LRAs to enrol all existing RAOs and DRAOs into TrustLink as soon as the new Agreement is signed.

Grid end user certificate application form

To comply with IGTF accreditation standards, applicants (registrants) for grid personal certificates must comply with the necessary identity verification processes; and Agent Administrators for the Sub-LRA must not authorise issuance of the grid personal certificate to an individual unless this form has been completed, signed and submitted to QuoVadis.

Once this form is completed and submitted, the Agent Administrator's can invite the End User (Registrant) to apply for the grid personal certificate online via TrustLink.  

QV Advanced plus certificate application form

To comply with the QuoVadis CP/CPS (OID: and OID, applicants (registrants) for QV Advanced Plus certificates must comply with the necessary identity verification processes, which includes completing and signing the form by the applicant and the confirming person (usually the Agent Administrator for the Sub-LRA). When these steps have been completed contact AusCERT to obtain the certificate.  It will not be possible for Administrators to automatically apply for this certificate via TrustLink without contacting AusCERT first.

Please note that QV Advanced Plus certificates can only be issued onto a Secure Signature Creation Device. For the purposes of the free trial, AusCERT will supply one QV Advanced Plus certificate and one SSCD per Sub-LRA. If you require more than one certificate or SSCD, then these will incur additional fees, or you can purchase these separately.

EVSSL Authority Letter for QuoVadis

To enable your organisation to apply for and EV SSL certificates the EVSSL Authority Letter must be completed and submitted to AusCERT.

A new form should be completed, signed and submitted if any of the roles on the form change or contact details change.