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QV Advanced Plus Certificates

QuoVadis Advanced Plus certificates can be issued to a person for signing, encryption and authentication.  It is a high assurance certificate that is in the Adobe Approved Trust List, which makes them ideal for signing legal and official PDF documents.  Signatures created with the QV Advanced Plus certificate will show a trusted mark in the PDF reader for relying parties indicating that the identity of the certificate holder has been independently verified and whether the content of the PDF has been modified since it was digitally signed.

To protect the private key and ensure it is only accessible to the certificate holder, it is mandatory that these certificates be issued onto a Secure Signature Creation Device, such as a security token.  Applicants must comply with the proof-of-identity requirements as part of the certificate issuance process.

How to apply

To comply with the QuoVadis CP/CPS (OID: and OID, applicants (registrants) for QV Advanced Plus certificates must comply with the necessary identity verification processes, which includes completing and signing the form by the applicant and the confirming person (usually the Agent Administrator for the Sub-LRA). When these steps have been completed contact AusCERT to obtain the certificate.  It will not be possible for Administrators to automatically apply for this certificate via TrustLink without contacting AusCERT first.

For the purposes of the free trial, AusCERTwill supply one QV Advanced Plus certificate and one SSCD per Sub-LRA. If you require more than one certificate or SSCD, then can purchase these separately from us. If you wish to purchase QV Advanced Plus certificates or a Safenet security token from us, then please complete and submit this form. Pricing for the certificates and tokens is here.