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AusCERT Certificate Service

AusCERT Certificate Services (AusCERT CS) powered by QuoVadis offers Australian, New Zealand education and research organisations certificates for a wide variety of uses including web servers (SSL), software (code signing), grid resources and people (S/MIME) as an additional service for purchase by active AusCERT Members.

Certificate Service

The AusCERT Certificate Service offers educational and research organisations certificates on a per annum basis at competitive rates. For further details see the Fees. Subscription level is based on organisation size, with every level of subscription in the Certificate Service granted the provision of all types of PKI certificates listed below. Certificate policies for certificates included in the service are detailed in the QuoVadis Root CA2 CP/CPS.

Types of certificates available

Four types of certificates are supported:

  • Server Certificates - for authenticating servers and establishing secure sessions with end clients. These include: Organisation Validated (OV) SSL Certificates for 1 to 50 domains,  OV Wildcard SSL Certificates and  EV SSL certificates. 
  • Personal Certificates - for identifying individual users, secure e-mail communications and for authentication to applications. Volume limits apply.
  • Code-signing Certificates - for authenticating software distributed over the Internet.
  • Grid certificates for people and hosts.  Used for securing grid resources. Volume limits apply.


EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL Server Certificates are available through QuoVadis Trustlink. Unlimited EV SSL certificates are included in the annual fee. For more details see the EV SSL FAQ.

Ordering certificates

Subscribers to the AusCERT Certificate Service are provided access to QuoVadis TrustLink, from which all activities of certificate management are conducted.


Please review all available support options before requesting email or telephone support. These include: