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Signing and Validation Service

The QuoVadis Signing and Validation Service (SVS) is a cloud-based bulk digital certificate signing service that is ideally suited to digitally signing PDF graduate and student testamurs and transcripts.

By digitally signing PDF testamurs and transcripts using a QV Advanced Plus Certificate issued in your organisation's name, potential employers and other relying parties can obtain immediate online assurance about the authenticity of your graduates' testamurs and transcripts and help prevent fraudulent claims being made about the academic qualifications/records issued by your organisation.

The SVS uses QV Advanced Plus certificates, which are in the Adobe Approved Trust List.

QuoVadis will help your organisation set up and customise the SVS to your needs and integrate with your organisation's document system.  The confidentiality of documents submitted to the SVS is retained as only a cryptographic hash fingerprint of the document to be signed is sent to QuoVadis.  Timestamps applied to the digital signature at the time it is create enable a relying party to obtain assurance about the authenticity of the PDF signature many years after the certificate has expired or been revoked.

For more information about the SVS see the presentation and the video.

The bulk signing service is now available for new and existing customers.

For existing customers, you can apply as a variation to your existing agreement. To apply, and for details on pricing, download the application form.

For new customers, details are included in the SubLRA Agreement.